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Noshwalks 2022 Walking Tours

~ Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach (Queens)
October 9, 2022 Sunset Park (BROOKLYN)
October 23, 2022 NEW: Explore with Noshwalks: BRONX ARTS & EATS
December 17, 2022 Dyker Heights Holiday Lights (Brooklyn)

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Noshwalks 2022

Brighton Beach


Saturday, September 17, 2022

More than six months after the Russian military unjustly invaded Ukraine, atrocities against Ukraine continue to mount. This fundraiser aims to celebrate the communities in Brooklyn that include Ukrainians and their allies, including Russians who have been here for generations. We will nosh our way through Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach – Turkish, Ukrainian/Russian, Uzbek, Georgian and other tastes – and savor the neighborhood’s sites. Two stops will be of special significance to this day. We conclude with a sit-down at a Turkish café for baklava. Bring an extra tote bag or have space in your backpack: It’s a shopper’s paradise with some of the best produce and prepared foods you’ll see in New York City.

We will collect checks (which you can put into envelopes ahead of time) and mail them from a post office in Brighton Beach. We are considering a number of charities, including Ingternational Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which is doing a lot of work with refugees in the US.


MEETING PLACE: Portokali Market, 1509 Sheepshead Bay Road Map it

DIRECTIONS: Take the Q train to Sheepshead Bay and turn right (east). You will see Portakali shortly after you exit; it occupies most of the block. There's a shop of packaged goods as well as a product shop. Shop there if you’re early – be out front at noon.

FEE: $12 registration fee (waived for children). Pay for your own food; bring a check for the donation. Write to if you have questions.

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Sunset Park

Sunset Park (BROOKLYN)

Sunday, October 9, 2022

We will see the best of Sunset Park in this Noshwalk by visiting at least three Asian destinations along 8th Avenue (Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian) and two or three Latin American eateries on 5th Avenue (Salvadoran, Mexican and maybe Peruvian), crossing through one of NYC’s most beautiful parks in the process. Weather permitting, we’ll take our Asian tastes to the park. One of our stops is in a market that has a “secret” restaurant. Stomachs permitting, we’ll have Turkish coffee and baklava at the end of the tour. We will make a detour to a beautiful Turkish mosque on 8th Avenue.


MEETING PLACE: Meet in front of New Belacan (Malaysian) restaurant, 5918 8th Ave. Map it

DIRECTIONS: Take the N train to 8th Avenue, which exits at 62nd Street. Turn left (due north) for 3 blocks.

FEE: $58 per adult; $20 for children 6 to 12: Free for children under 6. All tastes are included in the fee. BEVERAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED!

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Bronx Fritters

NEW: Explore with Noshwalks: BRONX ARTS & EATS

Saturday, October 23, 2022

In recent years I created some new tours that I’ve led just once or twice, and these remain of personal interest to me. I now want to revisit those neighborhoods, and for those of you who are adventurous, come revisit with me. You will pay a modest registration fee and cover your own food expenses. A map will NOT be provided, as I will use the old map of the previous version of the tour for a guideline, but let’s be surprised! Noshes may include West African, West Indian, Puerto Rican, maybe Venezuelan (if it’s still there…) and Italian/Albanian - we snake our way to Arthur Avenue from a different direction than I usually take. I have found on the whole that the eateries in the non-touristy neighborhoods have survived, because their customers were always there! We'll find out.

This tour also covers a discussion of local cultural history.

Important: We will make one bus connection, so you will need your Metrocard (or pay by credit card with OMNY).


MEETING PLACE: Meet in front of Bronx Museum of Art at 1040 Grand Concourse at 165th Street. Map it

DIRECTIONS: Take the D train to 167th Street. Sit at south end of train. Notice the mosaics on the platform of famous Bronx people!

FEE: $25 registration fee. You will cover your own food costs.

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Dyker Hights Holiday Ligths

Dyker Heights Holiday Lights (Brooklyn)

Saturday, December 17, 2022

This tour highlights a tradition of extraordinary holiday decorations as well as great food to keep you full and warm both before and after we see the lights. We’ll start with cannoli at an old-time bakery, have some Guatemalan specialties, then stop at a block of Italian markets where we’ll taste home-made mozzarella, prosciutto bread and olives, and then head towards the famed blocks of Dyker heights where there seems to be a great competition to find out which house has the most elaborate decorations. After our roundabout, we’ll stop at another great bakery to warm ourselves up and finish at a wonderful pizzeria for Italian specialties. (The owners usually also put out holiday cookies, amaretto and whiskey, and request a modest donation if you choose to partake.) There’s one more (non-food) treat before we conclude the tour, but I’m not revealing it here. This tour also stops at a large supermarket with several sections of well-priced Italian specialties. As with all Noshwalks, we recommend that you bring a backpack with space for purchases!

PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer to take this tour on a Sunday and can rustle up some friends or family to come along, I will add a Noshwalk here on December 18. Please e-mail me at The Sunday tour starts somewhat earlier because the bakery where we meet has shorter Sunday hours but we will arrive at the lights by dusk to get the greatest benefit.


MEETING PLACE: Meet at Cannoli Plus Bakery, 6903 New Utrecht Avenue at 69th Street. Map it

DIRECTIONS: Take the D train to 71st Street, look for exit at 69th Street.

FEE: $65, includes all tastes but not personal beverages. $25 for children ages 6 to 11, free if younger

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If you are using mass transportation, please check for possible changes in subway routes. Go to Service Advisories for NYC Transit and check any subway lines you may take.  As always, leave extra time for weekend travel. You can also e-mail me for estimates of how long it should take to get to our meeting place. If you are driving, use to plan your route. Contact me for parking tips.


If we sit down in a restaurant rather than take food out, we will share in the tip. Such sit-down stops have been added to a number of tours (even when the stops are short) and these will be indicated at the outset of each tour and in the text. Your guide will order the tastes. Personal orders will be covered by the customer.

If you are having difficulty registering on line, please contact or call 212-222-2243. You'll have a much quicker response through e-mail.


Custom noshwalks can be booked on weekdays or weekends by alumni groups, trade associations, overseas visitors, conventioneers, employee outings and student organizations—and any other group looking for a unique and fun New York experience. Groups can range from one person to 25.

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