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Dining Out With Noshwalks/ Noshwalks To Go

Dining Out With Noshwalks

Every two or three months, starting in October 2013, Noshwalkers have gotten together to have dinner in one of the neighborhoods Noshwalks goes to (or is thinking of going to). Our aim is to check out a restaurant that has sparked our curiosity. We share appetizers, entrees, the tip and tax; you pay for your own beverage. Depending on the neighborhood, we may go elsewhere for dessert. By sharing, we get to do a lot of tasting but your bill is often quite a bit lower. Dining Out events are listed in the tour calendar. You register with a modest fee, and even then you'll find that you're still saving money!

Neighborhoods we've visited include Van Nest, Bronx (Yemeni); Sunset Park, Brooklyn (Chinese, with Mexican dessert); Jackson Heights (Uruguayan, with South Asian dessert); Little Korea (Korean barbecue and Indian dessert); Woodside, Queens (Filipino); Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (Ukrainian); Washington Heights (Dominican); Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (Turkish); Grand Concourse (Ghanaian); and Astoria, Queens (Greek).

Dining out events are listed with the tour schedule.


Want to go to a neighborhood where Noshwalks goes, but you're never free when the tour that interests you is taking place? Write to to arrange a self-guided tour. You will get a detailed map with history, comments, explicit walking directions, transit directions and parking tips, and extra information and details that are usually provided by the guide at a tour but aren't put into writing. These details include specific recommendations about places to go, what to look for, price estimates, and so on.

PRICING: There is no set price for this service; it depends on where you want to go and how much additional time is involved to prepare the material. Sometimes this service will result in a customized tour; in other cases, you can use an existing map but you will be provided more explicit details to make the tour easier even though you don't have a guide. You WILL get an estimate beforehand about how much it will probably cost.



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