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Noshnews is in the process of becoming a FREE blog - Watch for it in 2015! You MAY purchase back issues. Meanwhile, please enjoy the below material that contains the type of information the blog will have; I experimented with a new format of Noshnews, but the people I showed it for feedback said it should turned into on a blog!

Noshnews is YOUR GUIDE to great ethnic eating in New York City neighborhoods. A quarterly newsletter, it provides unique and lively highlights of the best markets, bakeries and eateries in the neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. (Staten Island hasn’t been covered yet, but I’m working on it!)

Each 8-page issue profiles one, two or more neighborhoods and discusses history and local culture. Launched in March 1999 as a quarterly, Noshnews is subscriberdriven and doesn’t take ads.

Kitty and Pond serve delicious Thai food at Ayada in Elmhurst.

Each 8-page issue includes:

  • Background information on the neighborhood(s)
  • Extensive listings of markets, bakeries and restaurants
  • Two recipes
  • A detailed map
  • Mass transit and driving (and parking!) instructions
  • A description of local cultural highlights and parks
  • “Off the Eaten Path” features that describe non-food highlights, including interesting neighborhood people
  • NoshNotes of miscellaneous new information, including neighbohrood updates.
  • Noshnews is amply illustrated with photographs (examples of which abound on this Web site!)

Learn about people like Eddie Nallen who owns Tri-Eddy Irish Grocery in Woodlawn, Bronx.

He carries dozens of Irish newspapers that are sold weekly to over 2,000 customers around

Back Issues

Back issues are $5 each. Issue #1 (Sunnyside, Queens) and Issue #20 (Slices of Uptown Manhattan) are FREE and downloadable from the Back Issues page.

Back Issues

Noshnews makes a great gift!

Stuck on an idea for a gift for present? Noshnews is a terrific solution! It’s the gift that keeps on giving—for a year, anyway. Your friend or loved one or business colleague or child or mother-in-law or whomever… will receive Issue #1 as well as four issues of Noshnews as your gift. It’s a wonderful present, and the person who gets it will be reminded of your generosity every few months, each time a new issue arrives!

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