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Food Walking Tours of Staten Island, New York

Yes! Noshwalks does food tours of Staten Island! The area I've found proves to always be tasty and entertaining is Tompkinsville, Staten Island. Easy to reach from Manhattan and you'll enjoy the varied flavors brought in by decades of immigrant migrations.

Here are some of the tours you can enjoy with Noshwalks in Staten Island. Also, don't forget about our other tours in The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and parts of New Jersey.

Visit our Walking Tour Schedule to see which tours interest you the most! Sign up for one of our public food walking tours of Staten Island, or call to schedule a custom tour for your group outing.


Sunset Park
Staten Island dosa

Victory Boulevard’s immigrant mix

In this cozy corner of Staten Island known as Tompkinsville, you’ll see Sri Lankan, Albanian, Mexican, Jamaican, Polish, Honduran and Nigerian restaurant and markets – and more! It’s a short distance from the ferry, rich in history in its own right.


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